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Spreadsheets are great for what they do. They are also, often an almost good enough solution to a problem that should be solved by writing a custom program. Unfortunately, getting a custom program written for a reasonable price is almost impossible.

So, spreadsheets are used. They are setup with cells where we enter data and cells with formulas and cells where results are shown. We use them by entering the required data every month or week or whatever and reading off the results. It's not pretty but it works, more or less.

Keystone Software Corp. has a better solution. We will convert these make shift spreadsheets into "Real" programs for a reasonable price. As a real program:

It would allow less experienced users to run it by prompting for and testing input values.

It would hide (and make unchangeable) the code or formulas so accidental changes can't be made.

Data can be managed/saved/exported/imported in ways that are hard to match with a spreadsheet.

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