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The term Middleware was coined for "software which passes messages and/or data between two programs". This simple definition does not encompass the connective, sharing and distribution aspects of this software category. Middleware is the glue that holds disparate systems together as a cohesive operation. The Pivot 2 product suite is the application of the Middleware philosophy which connects associated financial systems to fulfill the business needs specific to Broker-Dealers. By incorporating the best aspects of Middleware, Pivot appears seamless, streamlines administrative and operational functions, and promotes paper-less processing, while insulating the user from the complexities of the distributed systems it connects.


The vision of Straight-Through-Processing (STP), where trades are executed, booked, cleared and settled on an electronic basis, is a prominent paradigm in Operationsí planning. This attractive concept spawns benefits from fewer failed trades to reductions in staffing. However, STP as a seamless integration is difficult to accomplish. Leveraging on third-party vendor products, which many firms consider the securitiesí "industry standards", Pivot 2 binds a firmís chosen front and back-office systems with a cohesive rules-based mid-office solution.


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