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Keystone Software Corp. formed in 1986, has been involved in both consulting and software development for numerous financial institutions. For the past 30 years, these relationships have been primarily with banks, bank broker-dealers and broker/dealers and have dealt with every major aspect of brokerage. The principals have seen the most recent evolution in brokerage operation models and the initiation of several brokerage back and front office systems, including WEB-based initiatives. Keystone has contributed in the area of systems design, business analysis, technical evaluations, and project management for Security Pacific National Bank, Security Pacific Brokers Inc., Bank of America Brokerage, Wells Fargo Institutional Brokerage & Sales, Southwest Securities Inc., Swiss Bank Corp., Prudential Asset Management, Securities Transfer And Reporting Services Inc., Piper Jaffray, and internationally, Banco Consolidado (Venezuela).

As principals of Keystone, Lou LaBrunda and Roy Barber have directly participated in the introduction of several innovative products which: supported brokerage institutions, initiated new services and accomplished real business goals. As with Pivot's companion product, the Integrated Letter System (ILS), Keystone's products solve specific business issues with a mix of in-depth brokerage knowledge and software engineering expertise.

The roadmap for future Keystone products and enhancements to current product suites is clear; "…continue to produce a superior technical product that solves business issues, and encourage user participation, from requirements through maintenance."

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